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  • Fast Recovery Diode

    Fast Recovery Diode


    ??Diffused junction

    ??Short recovery time

    ??Small reverse recovery current

    ??Fast soft recovery characteristics



    ??Motor control and drive

    ??Induction heating

    ??UPS Power supply


    ??Welding equipment

  • Soft Fast Recovery Diode

    Soft Fast Recovery Diode


    ??Optimized characteristics for fast and soft turn-off

    ??Small reverse recovery charge

    ??High di/dt capability at turn-off

    ??Suitable for GTO and IGCT?applications

  • High Power Free Floating Phase Control Thyristor

    High Power Free Floating Phase Control Thyristor

    Phase Control Thyristor (Free Floating Type) Description: With the development of increasing power and capacity of converter equipment, especially HVDC transmission, the output power capacity of unit thyristor?is request to increase accordingly, such will reduce the installation quantity of thyristor in series and parallel connection circuit. The device size and weight will be reduced, lower investment, even current and even voltage will be realized easily, the reliable operation and commerci...
  • High Frequency Thyristor

    High Frequency Thyristor


    ??All diffused structure

    ??Distributed gate design

    ??Excellent dynamic performance

    ??Excellent high frequency performance, 2.5KHz-10kHz

    ??Fast switching performance

    ??Low switching loss





    ??Induction heating

    ??All kinds of forced converters

  • Normal Rectifier Diode

    Normal Rectifier Diode


    ??Diffused junction

    ??Capsule type ceramic case package

    ??Double sides cooling, low forward voltage drop



    ??Traction and transmission

    ??HVDC transmission, SVC

    ??High current power supply

    ??Soft-starter, Motor excitation

    ??Induction heating

  • Press-Pack IGBT

    Press-Pack IGBT

    Press-pack IGBT (IEGT) TYPE VDRM V VRRM V IT(AV)@80℃ A ITGQM@CS A?? /?? μF ITSM@10ms kA VTM V VTO V rT mΩ TVJM ℃ Rthjc ℃/W CSG07E1400 1400 100 250 700 2 4 ≤2.2 ≤1.20 ≤0.50 125 0.075 CSG07E1700 1700 16 240 700 1.5 4 ≤2.5 ≤1.20 ≤0.50 125 0.075 CSG15F2500 2500 17 570 1500 3 10 ≤2.8 ≤1.50 ≤0.90 125 0.027 CSG20H2500 2500 17 830 2000 6 16 ≤2.8 ≤1.66 ≤0.57 125 0.017 CSG25H2500 2500 16 867 2500 6 18 ≤3.1 ≤1.66 ≤0.57 125 0.017 CSG30J2500 2500 17 1350 3000 5 30 ≤2....
  • Phase Control Thyristor

    Phase Control Thyristor

    Phase Control Thyristor (Alloying Type) Description: Thyristor, also known as Silicon Control?Rectifier (SCR), is a high-power semiconductor device consisting of three PN structures.?In terms of performance, the thyristor not only has unidirectional conductivity, but also has more valuable controllability than the silicon rectifier element, which only two states of conduction and off-state, to control large power with small power, power amplification up to hundreds or?thousands of times. The ...
  • Rectifier diode Chip

    Rectifier diode Chip


    Every chip?is?tested at TJM?, random inspection?is?strictly prohibited.

    Excellent consistency of the chips?parameters



    Low forward voltage drop

    Strong thermal fatigue resistance

    The thickness of cathode aluminum layer is above 10μm

    Double layers protection on mesa

  • Air cooling Heatsink SF series

    Air cooling Heatsink SF series

    Air Cooling Heatsink of SF Series Dimension:   Type Contact Dia. mm Outline?Dimensions L ?/ ?D ?/ ??H Conductor Plate Size L1 ?/ ?D1 ?/ ?H1 ????????????????????Assembly Dimension L2 ?/ ?D2 ?/ ?H2 ??/ ?H3 ?/ ????d ????/ ??d2*h2 SF11 45 170 110 125 60 40 8 33 80 15 22 2hole?Φ13 M10*120 SF12 50 200 110 125 60 40 8 33 80 15 22 2hole?Φ13 M10*120 SF13 50 220 120 130 60 40 8 33 90 15 45 2hole?Φ13...
  • Welding Diode

    Welding Diode


    ??High forward current capability

    ??Ultra-low forward voltage drop

    ??Ultra-low thermal resistance

    ??High operational reliability

    ??Suitable for intermediate or high frequency



    ??Rectifier?of inverter type resistance welder